Just like Exeter City Centre, Exeter Quay is of great historic importance. The team from Exeter Quay Heritage have ensured that the area’s industrial charm and it’s significant role in sustaining the city remains palpable, captured by ventures new and old.

Grade II Listed and now home to House of Brine, 60a Haven Road has served a myriad of purposes throughout its years.

This lofty building was originally built in 1830 to store and distribute fuel to local industries. Perfectly located on the canal estuary, it makes sense that this was its longest standing role to date. The warehouse was repurposed several times during the late 1800s and into the 1900’s, as trains and roads became the favoured mode of transport over the canal system.

Our favourite anecdote is its history as a salt store. The brickwork that welcomes you at our entrance is embedded with centuries old salt. We are proud to be working daily with an ingredient of such historic significance. Salt is in our soul.

The building has also spent time as a museum dedicated to the history of Exeter Quay, and in more recent years 60a Haven Road was best known as the prestigious Exeter Cookery School. We are pleased that we can continue to welcome food loving locals to Exeter Quay.