Café culture makes Exeter a hot destination in the coffee world. Independents rule, with superb local cafés in abundance. Whether you’re busy running errands in the city centre, or strolling on the relaxed Quayside, there’ll be somewhere nearby to welcome you in for a brew!

House of Brine is Exeter’s newest destination for meeting, feasting and caffeinating. If you’re forever in search of delicious coffee and sumptuous surrounds, head for the Quay and in through our doors. Our sustainable specialty coffee comes from the wonderful team at Origin Coffee, an independently owned roastery based here in the South West. If you’re sitting in with us, your coffee will be served in innovative HuskeeCups which are partly made up from recycled coffee husk, a natural waste byproduct in coffee production.

Most of us know and love our coffee order, but it’s fun to mix things up every now and then. So, here is a run down of our coffee menu. Try something new next time you come in:

Espresso Short and dark. One highly concentrated shot

Double Espresso The Doppio. Two highly concentrated shots

Americano Perfect with or without milk. Double espresso lengthened with hot water

Cortado Double espresso with warmed milk

Cappuccino Double espresso, steamed milk, foamed milk and topped with cocoa powder

Flat white An Australasian icon. Double espresso and silky steamed milk

Latte Smooth and sweet. Double espresso, long layer of steamed milk, short layer of foam

Mocha Chocolate and coffee. Double espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, foamed milk

We use Cornish milk, and have plant based alternatives to include soya, almond and oat milk.

If your favourite brew isn’t on offer at House of Brine then let us know!