Salt is in our Soul

We have finally found a place to ground us.

House of Brine. It is not a coincidence that House of Brine resides in what was originally a Salt Store. We prefer to think of it as fate. Salt is embedded deep in the brickwork, and deep within the traditional methods of preservation that we use.

Brunches, Lunches and Small Plates

We are here for brunches, lunches, coffees, cakes and, in the evening, small plates and drinks. A haven of feasting and caffeinating. Time-honoured traditions inspired by global flavours.

Dishes change regularly, so expect to explore new flavours with every visit.

A Casual Quayside Meeting Place

Catch up over brunch, meet for a laid back lunch, or gather together in the evening. We also offer hot drinks and deli fridge lunches to take away.